How Much Is My Vehicle Worth

See how much your vehicle is worth with a free online vehicle valuation

How We Value Your Car

With a vast knowledge of 40 year’s experience we really do understand the value of all cars. This is why we can safely assure you that you are getting one of the most accurate valuations for your vehicle

What Information We Need To Value Your Car?

For an initial online valuation all the information we would need would be your registration, from this we will be able to view all necessary information to offer a price for your vehicle. Our team will double check all valuations ensuring an accurate and bespoke quote.

How To Enhance & Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value

“Maintenance Reaps Rewards”

Vehicle Servicing

Servicing a vehicle? document it and keep it safe! Service history can greatly affect the price of any vehicle especially one with a high number of previous owners, keep all receipts even if it is just for parts.


Ensure you have a long MOT with no advisories. By seeing if advisories are being delt with, an understanding can be seen of a vehicle’s maintenance, the value of a vehicle that has been poorly maintained will be far less than a highly maintained vehicle.


keep the interior in good clean condition, clean it before it stains! A stained seat will need to be reupholstered if the stain cannot be removed costing hundreds.


Keep paintwork clean and protected, clean paintwork results in a lesser chance of a corrosive substances damaging the paintwork, which can dramatically devalue your car
How We Work
Local Car Buyer offers to buy your car from your location in a little as 3 simple steps
  • Get an online valuation
  • Book a home valuation
  • Sell your car from home
  • We will handle all paperwork free of charge, we never charge admin fees