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Why Local Car Buyer?

At Local Car Buyer. We like to keep selling simple and stress free. Receive a free valuations and get your car viewed and collected at the location of your choice today. Why travel to a valuation centre only to leave with a disappointing offer. We buy almost any car. Get your quote and find out how much your car is worth today. Why wait?

Stressful Selling? – Let Us Help

Stop stressing over “who will buy my car?” and “how to sell my car?” we buy almost any car. Our Service offers instant payment and free collection. We have found that most if not all of our valuations are more than that of other popular car buying services. You will find our team most helpful when discussing your quote and arranging the sale of your car. Our Friendly team will take care of all the paper work such as notifying D.V.L.A. that your are no longer the legal owner free of charge . (Final Purchase price may increase or decrease Subject to inspection, please see terms and conditions).

What We Offer

1    45 Years Experience

…With an immense knowledge of the motor vehicle industry we are sure that we will be able to offer the right price for your car.

2    Sell Your Car Online Or Over The Phone

…Receive your free valuation online or if you prefer to discuss your car and pricing why not give us a call, we will be glad to talk. 

3   Stop Traveling To Valuation Centres To Sell

…Unlike others we will not make you travel to us for an inspections and the sale of your car. We  offer to come to you for sale and collection.

Simple Selling

We understand that selling can be frustrating and that your current offer as a part exchange may not be as much as your wanted and what with private sales consuming  your time with comments such as ” I will get back to you ” or ” I will think about it”. Our service offers a hassle free and prompt solution. Simply enter you registrations and you will receive three valuations with set vehicle descriptions from there you can accept and book your appointment with a click of a button. Once your appointment has been confirm we will make our way to you to buy and collect your vehicle from your location, making the whole process swift and smooth. 

Get More For Your Car 

Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most for your car that why if you are not happy with your initial car valuation we will be glad to receive a call and discus your price quoted. Unlike other car buying companies we understand that not all vehicles conditions are the same. Which can make it very hard to give an initial quote that best represents it’s current value, we will happy to discuss the current conditions of your vehicle so that we can adjust your quote to best suit.

We are a Friendly professional team and will glad to assist in any inquiry  do not hesitate to call.