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Your preferable payment method will be considered. Usual method of payment would be a direct bank transfer and we endeavour to process your payment within one hour.

So that we can validate the ownership of the vehicle. You will be required to present the V5 of the vehicle to be sold, we will also need to be presented with proof of identity, 1 photographic form of identification, i.e. passport or Driving licence, and proof of address i.e. a utility bill, and or bank statement that is no longer than 3 months old.

Please note we ask that the address on your V5 corresponds with all your proof documents.

To help you get a better price for your car we recommend the following:
  • Have a full vehicle valet including if necessary, have the interior professional washed and cleaned
  • If you MOT is about to expire, get your car a new MOT
  • Find all service booklets, service history and current MOT certificate

A vehicle inspection is intended to appraise the vehicle and its’ condition this is so that we can offer an accurate purchase price which represents the condition of your vehicle.

More About Colchester

Colchester, given the name Camulodunum by the Romans, roughly translating to the fortress (dunum) of Camulos (god of war). Camulodunom became an importance military stronghold  for the Romans, so much so that around 41 AD an immense fortress was built, from timber, sand, gravel and clay, which would be the first form of “brick” and “mortar” construction in Britain. The function of the fortress soon progressed from a Military Base to a colony, being a town inhabited by military veterans, this brought the first city ever to Britain, even tho now it is a town, for the importance and purpose of heritage it has been re-branded as a city.

The amazing Colchester Zoo which in 2015 was ranked 11th best Zoo in the world, and having been there I can truly agree with this statement. The Zoo has offered such great experiences such as Fright Night, of which it opened its’ doors upon the evening of Halloween, for a truly eery and mesmerizing experience. Colchester Zoo continues to offer great events, such as working with RunThroughUk  to create a scenic marathon of which the runners will travel through 1 kilomentre of the Zoo. Located on Maldon Rd, Heckfordbridge, find out how you could visit today. 

Why not visit Colchester Castle Museum, part of the Castle Park, this Castle offers 2500 years of history, you can even buy the Castle Museum in the Colchester Edition Monopoly. Located  on the High Street visit today.

Source: (visited 28 June 2020)

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